Greg Elmer

Bell Globemedia Research Chair & Professor
M.A., Ph.D.
RCC 309

Greg Elmer is a professor of Communication and Culture and Radio & Television Arts at Ryerson University. Greg’s research and teaching focus is on new media and politics, information and communication technologies, computer networks, and media globalization. Greg provides analysis and commentary for the media on the role of new media in Canadian and American politics. In 2008 Greg worked with CBC news to cover online campaigning during the Canadian federal election. Greg’s scholarly publications have appeared in the peer reviewed journals First Monday, New Media & Society, Screen, Convergence, Journal of Information Technology and Politics and Scan, among others. Greg has published a number of books: Prempting Dissent: The Politics of an Inevitable Future, Andy Opel co-author (2008, ARP Press), Profiling Machines: Mapping the Personal Information Economy (2005: MIT Press), Contracting Out Hollywood: Runaway Productions and Foreign Location Shooting, Mike Gasher co-editor (2005: Rowman and Littlefield), Critical Perspectives on the Internet (2002: Rowman and Littlefield), and Locating Migrating Media (in press, Lexington Press). Professor Elmer has held a number of research and faculty fellowships abroad, most notably at the Virtual Knowledge Studio (Amsterdam) and a Digital Cultural Institutions fellow at the Social Science Research Council in New York City. He was most recently senior faculty fellow at the London School of Economics, the University of Manchester, and Anglia Ruskin University. Greg has also conducted research and facilitated research workshops in South Korea and in Budapest, Hungary where he worked with the foundation, the Ford foundation, and the Soros Foundation to promote democratic initiatives in eastern Europe, the Ukraine and the Balkans.