Thanks to many generous benefactors and sponsors, the RTA School of Media is able to offer many scholarships, bursaries, and awards to its students. Below is a list of those that are currently available.

Arthur Weinthal Award: The award is open to Ontario-resident students registered on a full-time basis in the 4th year of the four-year program in Ryerson’s RTA School of Media who have completed Internship Placements in accordance with criteria for Internships established by the School of Radio and Television Arts.

CHEX Television Award*: For special proficiency in announcing during the first year of the program.

CJRT-FM Andy Kufluk Memorial Award*: For the graduating student who demonstrated excellence in Radio Production.

Ernest O. Swan Memorial Scholarship*: For demonstrating the most complete understanding and creative application of technology in the senior audio courses.

Fairchild Scholarships: Fairchild Radio wishes to encourage the development of multicultural awareness and understanding among individuals entering the broadcasting industry through the establishment of this special scholarship program in the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University.

FLOW Audio Scholarship: The scholarship is designed to recognize a visible minority student who has demonstrated outstanding creativity in Audio/Radio journalism or music production.

Glenn Sarty Memorial Award*:  Donated by Ms. Naomi P. LaCroix, the Glenn Sarty Memorial Award is for a full-time undergraduate student in RTA, in good standing, who has demonstrated excellence or interest in pursuing a career in investigative and public affairs television or documentary media.

Amount: $950

Application Form is required along with a sample of the student’s work.

Henry White Kinnear International Exchange Student Award**:  To assist third-year students undertaking international exchange studies in RTA; must be registered full-time and entering third year of the RTA program; be approved for an international exchange; have demonstrated financial need; have a minimum GPA of 3.00; be in clear academic standing.

Students must submit a budget form along with a copy of their Exchange Application Essay.

Upon completion of the Exchange, recipients of this award must submit a brief (2-page) reflective essay of their experience and participation with the Exchange university.  Excerpts may be used on the RTA website and in other promotional material.

Joana Fraser Award: This award is in honour of Joana Fraser, a second year RTA student who died of cancer in April 1994.  This award reflects both Joana’s creativity and unflinching determination to face what life dealt her.

John Webb Graham Multicultural Scholarship: This entrance award is based on ethnocultural or native background, academic proficiency and career aspirations.

Justin Poy Agency Award: Open to Ontario-resident, 3rd and 4th year students who have financial need and who have demonstrated production excellence in a radio or television piece that helps to educate their peers and audiences about overcoming their personal challenges.

Krista Maeots Award*: For proficiency in radio broadcasting/broadcast journalism. Applicants must have a minimum of “B” standing in Radio Broadcasting/broadcast journalism and must have a demonstrable financial need.

Matt Jesson Award: The Matt Jesson Award recognizes audio production excellence and creativity in a production by a third year student.  The award honours the memory of the late Matt Jesson, a 1992 graduate of Ryerson’s RTA School of Media.

Matthew Pryshlak Memorial Award:  Mrs. Pryshlak and her family have donated toward the Matthew Pryshlak Memorial Award.  This award recognizes Matthew Pryshlak, an alumnus of RTA and an individual who spent much of his working life devoted to the television industry.  The award is available to a third-year student enrolled in RTA with a course focus on television, who is in clear academic standing and has a demonstrated financial need.

Newfoundland Broadcasting Company Limited Award*: To the graduating student demonstrating the most proficiency and creativity using significant content through the TV media.

ORT Micki Moore Project Award: ORT Toronto, a registered charity that supports the technological education of people in need, locally and around the world, sponsors this award in honour of Micki Moore, a broadcaster, writer and actress, best known as the host of CityTV’s popular daily talk show You’re Beautiful. This award is to provide assistance to deserving RTA School of Media student(s) in their final year of study, to be used toward the production of their Practicum Project.

Phyllis Switzer/CTV Broadcast Management Award: This endowed award has been established by the CTV Television Network to recognize a graduating student or a student who has recently graduated from the RTA School of Media who wishes to pursue graduate level studies.

Phyllis Switzer Memorial Award: To a student entering the first year of the program full time; academic proficiency; proven management and leadership skills in human resources management, through volunteer teamwork / student council work / community involvement; demonstrated financial need and other factors.

Rho Alpha Kappa Alumni Association Award*: The Rho Alpha Kappa Alumni Association – started after “Canada’s only Professional Communications fraternity” shut its doors – offers this award in recognition of the student(s) who made a significant contribution to a sense of the RTA community.

Amount: up to $1,000

Rho Alpha Kappa Alumni Association Bursary: The award is open to full-time students in the second and third years of the four-year program in the RTA School of Media with the understanding that they will be returning to full-time studies the following year. The application process will include a letter outlining (a) the candidate’s contribution to the RTA community and (b) his/her financial situation and, if requested, documentation or verification in support of the submission.

Rogers Sportsnet Ontario Mentorship Program: The scholarships are open to all full-time students in the first, second or third year of the RTA School of Media. To be eligible to receive a Rogers Sportsnet Ontario Mentorship Program a student must submit a biography detailing their sports-related experience as well as a 750-word comparative analysis of sports broadcasting in the Toronto market. In addition, the student must have a minimum of 2.8 GPA and meet the criteria for diversity (aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, women and persons with disabilities).

Ross Lewchuk Memorial Award*:  This award honours the memory of the late Ross Lewchuk, a highly talented and revered television Editor/Designer at Shaw Media.  Recipients of this award will also have the option to complete a 4th year internship at Shaw Media.

Donor:  ACE Bakery (in honour of Chef Lynn Crawford) and Blair Harley

Amount: $1,000

To be eligible for this award, students must:

Have clear academic standing with a GPA of 2.50 or higher and be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in the RTA School of Media.

Demonstrate overall excellence in their academic and creative work and have the highest GPA average in RTA 978 (Television Editing Specialty).

Submit application with a video sample(s) of work/project(s) completed in RTA 978.

Spencer Caldwell Memorial Scholarship: To a graduating RTA student demonstrating “entrepreneurial spirit” and activity in some aspect of broadcasting. Candidates for this scholarship should have been operating a business or service for enough time to have a client base. The business/service should be a true demonstration of your entrepreneurial skills. It cannot be part of a school project.

Stuart and Pat MacKay Memorial Bursary: To the student who has displayed significant volunteerism, or made a significant contribution to the betterment of the Ryerson or RTA community.

Sony of Canada Charitable Foundation Scholarship*:  For a student currently enrolled in third-year of the RTA program, in clear academic standing, achieving the highest CGPA at the completion of second-year.

Amount: Up to $1500

Syd Perlmutter Entrance Award:  This award honours the achievements of Professor Emeritus Syd Perlmutter, one of the pioneers of the RTA program.  The award is available to students entering their first year in RTA.

William Harding Memorial Award* (Presented by Domino Theatre Incorporated): To the advanced media writing student who demonstrated outstanding ability in the writing of dramatic dialogue within the context of a film or TV script.

*Scholarships/bursaries marked with an asterisk require the Scholarship Information Form to be filled in and submitted.

Scholarship Information Form – Word format

Scholarship Information Form – PDF format

**Scholarships/bursaries marked with a double-asterisk require the ROSOTF Student Budget Form to be submitted in addition to the Scholarship Information Form (above):

ROSOTF budget form – Word format

ROSOTF budget form – PDF format