Cass in Real Life

Papermoon Pictures

Cass in Real Life is a romantic comedy and coming of age transmedia project that follows a scatter-brained university student trying to reach her New Years resolution of being a better “Cass”. In her eyes this means getting fit, finding a boyfriend and keeping her Filipino parents happy. Cass In Real Life explores life as a female through quirky every day experiences on the series and on her website.

Contact Info: 

Rebeca Moshe-Steinberg
647 678 1583


Project Members: 
Director of Photography/Camera Operator/Editor: Danica Cortez
Director/Editor: Rebeca Moshe-Steinberg
Executive Producer/Writer: Angelica Mendizibal
Audio Supervisor/Audio Post Production: Nicole Nash
Casting Director/Transmedia Producer: Eve Sharabi
Digital Creative Director/Marketing Director: Alessia Elso-Ponzo
Executive Producer/Writer: Alessandra Manieri
1st AD/Production Manager: Dianne Aguilar
Production Designer: Natalie Segreti