RTA: A Top Selection for Applicants

The RTA School of Media continues to be a top selection for students interested in the media field. This year was especially competitive, as the number of applicants surpassed 2000 students across all three RTA programs. RTA`s new Sport Media program received 600 applications alone, for 60 available spots.

After a brief hiatus, RTA has reintroduced interviews as part of the admission process for the Media Production program. Following the review process for application packages, faculty met with prospective students in a one-on-one interview. The interviews provided students the opportunity to express why the School of Media is the right fit for their future studies and allowed faculty to gain a better sense of how the students’ passions would contribute to the RTA community. After 400 interviews, we feel that we have found a great group of thinkers, creators and leaders to shape the future of media.

Offers have officially been sent to all candidates, and we look forward to welcoming the class of 2018 this fall. - Marie Crosta, Program Manager for the RTA School of Media