Bachelor of Arts in Media Production

Bachelor of Arts - Media Production

Effective storytelling brings ideas and issues to life in inventive ways, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences. Formerly, Radio and Television Arts, the BA in Media Production continues to offer a comprehensive program in the art, craft and business of media.

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Media

Bachelor of Arts - Sport Media

The BA in Sport Media combines the strengths of RTA’s Media Production program with the state-of-the-art Sportsnet RTA Production Centre in the Mattamy Athletic Centre; formerly known as Maple Leaf Gardens.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media

Bachelor of Fine Arts - New Media

The BFA in New Media fuses emergent technologies with art practice, media production, and theory. As a student in new media, you will master the creative, talk the technical and learn to thrive in entrepreneurship.

Masters of Arts in Media Production

Masters of Arts - Media Production

The Master of Arts in Media Production challenges students to explore innovative creative production designed for 21st century audiences. Students create compelling, advanced media narratives that entertain, inform, and inspire.